30 and beyond is about my life, my life full of everything. Idea for blog was coming long time ago but didn’t know how to work out it. Now I have idea!

First thing : 

My life is going trough big changes when I’m starting this blogging. In time that could be changing and hopefully does so it’s anyhow about my life and what I’m going trough. My days in sun and at storms. I’m normally positive person but I’m also living with emotions so there could be everything coming.. so let see what I can bring to your life from mine.

Second thing: 

Sometimes I’m traveling anywhere.. I’m sure about it. If not physically then mentally. It’s makes fun to share those thing (mostly). I hope that you can enjoy it too.

Third thing: 

I have liked to write always even though my language skills haven’t been so good so same time I try to improve my language skills. Could be that some times I use Fin language also.

Fourth thing:

You can follow me and my life also at instagram @hennniiis or @coachhennette.