Tadaaaa !! Did you miss me? .. I get lost of streets of work .. I know bad excuse but excuse it is that too. Right?

I have been keeping brake of writing about 9 months now. I will try to get back on track. If we rewind time a bit backwards. End of August I did move to Luxembourg.  After moving to Luxembourg work have been taken most of my time like normally in high season. Some trips I have been able to fit in by work but also just for holidays. About 10 months of expat life have passed by really fast and now it’s time to pack my stuff and move on to next adventures.

This 10 months I have learned so much. Again! Living in new culture or should I say that middle of many new cultures. Last one sounds better. Because That is Luxembourg. Meeting place for many different culture people and from so many different back grounds too.

In Sweden I was always that one who looks like one of them but weirdo because speaking mostly English. ( My Swedish is still based on basics). So the slightly different looking fish on the pond but sounding so different. Same as at Germany too. Here in Luxembourg I could say that I have been juts one of those weirdos among others. About half of population are coming abroad so no wonder why and different nationalities here are more than 170 if believing internet.

What I have enjoyed here is definitely to be able to met peoples around world. Some of them have become my friends and I’m more than happy to be able to call them my friends. Some of them have been just short time there and have had nice conversations with drink or food. Anyway I’m have had chance to meet many peoples and get piece of their history with me.

When I was moving here it was quite clear to me that I wanna try to meet people from different background and nationalities as much as I could. So far I have met people at least from this nationalities : France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Czech, India, Italy, Dominica republic, Iran, Greece, Luxembourg, Denmark, Egypt, Brazil  … and many more witch I don’t just remember now.

The fact that Luxembourg are between France, Germany and Belgium is quite perfect. Easy to travel around if you like it. Day or two trip to some country around is easy to make. ( If you just have chance to have day off’s enough). There is 2-3hour to Paris, about same to Brussel by train, buss or car. Frankfurt or Düsseldorf  isn’t too far either. Take a plane and distances are even less.

Living at Luxembourg is not so cheap. I could say that it’s quite expensive but salary is quite ok compensating it. But still It’s expensive! Finding apartment could be hard in the beginning and you need to be fast. There is many other people coming too into this city. There is about everything for everyone. Apartments with or without furnitures, small and big, One room / shared apartments or rent/ buy apartment. Under and top of apartment apartment, old or new… But it’s really typical that even rent a room from shared apartment can be paid 800-1100 euros per month easily. Then you can start to count what could be paid from apartment/ Studio. Like so many other country here too it is depending about area where you live/will live. There is better areas and worser areas. Go further and you will get cheaper but then you need to commute to work longer time too. If you have a car and don’t mind to stand at traffic jam at mornings and evenings there is always option to live in Belgium, Germany or France too.

I was lucky to get apartment via my club members and be able to stay there whole time as I was staying at Luxembourg. Ok now I’m lying, first 1,5 months my lovely colleague was giving for me one room from their house. Still great full for that ! It was great help and given time for me to find place to stay. My rental family was also so nice. They was always really nice and polite when I had something or if they had something. I hope for them all the best for future and if I have time some day to meet them that would be more than nice.

Luxembourg are also beautiful city and country. I remember my first visit and I was loving all those old buildings and parks there. Old and new besides each others. To be telling true I was hoping longer stay when I was moving in. I hoped that quite long. Life is not always going like you wish but I hope that I can return to Luxembourg sometimes to visit at least. I have still some tourist stuff to do there to be able to figured out that country a bit better. I Also have some friends and of course my girls from ice rink. I miss people’s already.

If I compare my staying Luxembourg to Sweden I couldn’t say after all witch I was liking more. Sweden was my first country to work abroad and will have special place in my heart. Luxembourg Was second but I could say that I was wiser. I was put more effort to get out and trying to meet people even that sometimes it was quite much besides work. I was fell in love walks/ running in the parks, I found gym witch was becoming my second home and people there so nice!, I get my slack line out and some people coming trying it., found my routines around city and things to enjoy.

I could continue telling stories but maybe I safe those later. Now it’s time to say buy for Luxembourg. I will pass by Luxembourg today but otherwise moving done and holidays ahead at Germany. In the end I have a lot of good memories to carry with me and I will be back sooner or later. I’m positive for that. Thank you all people who have helped me, have made my stay more light full just being there with me, who have challenged me and all others who I don’t just remember now member. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

Ps. See you ! no goodbyes!

With Love Hennette


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