Hey you there after longer brake.

How are you ? I hope that you are doing great ! What have you done during this year.. for now ? Any special occasion, trips or anything else ? Here comes something from mine.

Since I have last time written my life have changed a lot ! I have said bye for Sweden, Hello to Finland, Hello to Luxembourg .. Hello France and Germany too. Bye again and hello again. I have going back and forward between this countries last 4 months. During 16 weeks I have been on my way somewhere or be somewhere about 10 weeks. I have been on high way.

I have enjoyed every moment and I have gained so many new experiences and memories that I can be just grateful of it. I have get meet new peoples and I have been able to explore new places. I have also get to some old places where I was not expecting me to go at all not yet or not ever.  I have one word in my mind to describe my summer CRAZY! (And same time on my mind is playing same titled song from Britney Spears)

Leaving from Sweden wasn’t so bad I was knowing that I will be back at there end of summer. I was liking to live and be at Sweden and I definitely lose one part of my heart to there! Part of me will always wait to get back to visit Sweden,.. I have one more home in my heart and one beautiful story to tell some day.

At May I was first time visiting at Luxembourg. My good friend and colleague was inviting me to visit with the club and I was excepting invitation. We had good time there coaching together and what you can say if communication and style fit together it’s easy to work and fun too. Liked also going around city wit her and visiting Metz at France. My small world was bit bigger again. Not even one month later I was founding back to Luxembourg and this time I was about 6 weeks. I found new places and meet new peoples. By work and out of the work too. Great experience!

I have still some exploring to do at Luxembourg but I think it’s really beautiful city. A lot of old buildings and good care taken gardens. Feeling of big city but in reality small city.  Peoples seems quite active and sportive.. for women or men who like to see other peoples at suits this is the place to be! I have specially liked those old structured buildings and nature what here is around the city. I have spend hours by walking or running around.  Many things are still different from Finland and Sweden but hey if you come new country it’s just need to adapt to there. I have liked so far!

Beginning of August I was visiting also at Iisalmi keeping one camp day before going to Kouvola and Turku.. before going Sweden. I didn’t expect to be invited to Iisalmi ever again after I was leaving from there. It was feeling so good to have invitation after years that maybe old things are now past from both of us sides and life really goes forward. Visiting Kouvola was jumping back to place where I have had two of my worst years in my life. It was feeling good to be there after over year and see me able to stand and look things bit different angle. Say that I survived and live have moved on.

Turku to meet my ex roommate. Always fun. We don’t keep so much touch always but I think it’s still always fun to see her and spend time when it’s possible. Even that life have lead us when ever, where ever.. she is still my roommate and good friend.

Still beginning of the August I was spending some time at Sweden and Coaching with my good colleague and friend at Bollnäs Skating Camp. We made long days and we were tired but we had still good time. Free days and times we had good time to visit at Gävle, see my ex skaters, go swimming, go eat some dinner and take some drinks, sailing with her fiends and just hang around too and go over some really good conversations. On my way back home I had time to visit at Stockholm. There is something about that city why I just have loved it always so much. Meet there also some of my friends ! That was also so much fun.

All other about 6weeks from summer I was spending at Finland. Mostly at Kuopio but also two or three times I was visiting at Helsinki area. Helsinki is also beautiful city at summer time! My good friend was taking me to the sea by boat just extempore. I just like to be near by water so that was so much fun! It’s also so nice to get some perspective to city life from sea side.  Most nicest there was anyway to see my friends in every visit!

Kuopio was this summer more friendly for me than last summer. I was enjoying my time there. Family, Friends and Rock Festival was making it good. Most of it all summer cottage. Place where I can throw my phone to some corner and just take it easy. Forget everything else and live whit moment. Do what ever I like not what ever I need to do for something. Sauna ! Best thing Sauna and going to swimming to the lake. I miss it already! That peace there is something for me! Specially when life gets hectic.

So my summer have been really coming and going all over again and again. Anyway I have had time to think some things again. I have listening books and try to listen my self beside my crazy and hectic summer. This I may tell in other post some day.

From Now on I continue my journey at Luxembourg and if I have time I will write for you  how things are going and what I’m learning here. New life and new things ahead anyway !

Thank you all my family, friends and other peoples who have mede my summer so special with me! love you all! ❤

With Love: Hennette

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