I have spend some quiet time about one month or so. Many times have had something in my mind what to write but then I haven’t get it out. Here is now kinda short story from last month and closer to last year in same package.

I’m happy to say bye for last year! First 2/3 was terrible even that I was trying to keep my self positive as much as I could. Last 1/3 was bringing something good for my life too. So year was getting better. Just I didn’t wait December at all . All those celebrates like Finland’s 100 yer party’s, my birthday, Christmas and New year. In one month so many celebrates and first time in my life I was in situation that I needed to do anything without family or old friends involving any of those celebrates . All new and different. I think I was more stressed about my life that I did even realized. What I’m happy about after all that all turned to be good for some magical way and New Years at Copenhagen I was happy to say good bye for year 2017!

About Beginning of the year 2017 I have written already what there happened. I don’t want to get back there anymore. Happy to continue from there bit by bit but continue.

Lats 1/3 of the year I was moved here to Sweden and Gävle what I could say that have made me good. To take a step and go forward with my own dreams. It’s haven’t been easy always and every day but still I’m more happy to be here than go easier way and stay at Finland. I have had change to learn things and meet new people’s. Learn things from my self and about my work.

I wan’t to tell some how my December and January. How all have gone after all. Under kinda “diary’s”  from that times till present. Mostly days are some how big days or for some reason meaningful for me.

December 2017

6.12.2017 It’s the Independent day of Finland. My home country is getting 100 year party’s today. I couldn’t be more proud about my heritage and that I could say that I’m Finnish. I have always been proud of it even my heart have been crying out to get abroad so long. Today I wish to be in Finland celebrating with my land mates (first time I kinda miss to be in Finland after moving). Sadly I can’t.. I have my work here in Gävle and yes I like to do my job too. So I decided that all practice and conversation times what we have for today I will fill it with Finnish music or dressing up blue and white and so on. After working day I have piece of cake and champagne waiting to small party of my own. This day will be filled up as much as I can Finnish stuff here in Sweden. At weekend maybe one new friend is coming to visit here and then we can go eat out and take a glass or two more wine for Finland!

12.12.2017 Today is my  31 years  Birthday. It’s nice but same time Nothing special. Normal working day. Day time I was taking awhile bit easier and give just time for my self. Mostly just relaxing and kinda doing nothing. Afternoon we had some coaches meeting with some members from the board. Just basic stuff how things are going and what we are doing. Evening last late hours at ice hall and normal training. Some of the skater were anyway remembering me by hugging or with some chocolate. They were so sweet. Of course at Facebook and instagram was coming also quite a lot congratulation messages. All of those warm my heart. Thank you! Some of them were even peoples who I didn’t believe to write anything. Thank you all of you !

22.12.2017 Christmas is just around a corner. I was just get message from my ex skater that one other young ex skater have dead under the truck today morning. I can’t believe that. Can’t imagine how that supper happy girl who made mostly all of us laugh could be taken away so young? How family of her could survive from that pain to lose her. I know that I can’t do nothing much but I will send all my love I can for them and hope that some day life continue in that family somehow. Power for middle of all that sadness. Then I think that my biggest worry have been how to spend my Christmas. One friend was baling me but at the end one other was offering me to place to stay with him and his family. I have kinda everything what I need after all. Same time many other families life have tumbling down today.

18.12.2018 I landed double Axel after 4-5 years on ice ! .. I’m so so happy about that ! My early Christmas preset for my self !

26.12.2017 Christmas is almost done. I have had nice time here in Stockholm with my friend and his family/Friends. Christmas evening I was getting  good meal and my stomach was to too full. Like normally. We had also nice time and good talking moments. Yesterday we were more or less taking easy and just walking bit outside at day time. Evening we were putting bit nice clothes on and going to party little or little more. Pity that I Don’t remember names of those bars where we were but they were nice places. Also his friends were nice. After long time I had also chance to get dance. Oh I love that! Dancing ❤ . I have missed it. Today I have mostly just lying down and sleeping. He was going to help his friends to do some project. Nice that he is helping. Nice that he is letting me to just be here and take it easy. Tomorrow maybe I can visit at the main town area and shop a bit.

29.12.2017 I was just coming home from traveling agency. I Have trip to Copenhagen. YEAH! Here I come Copenhagen. Oh I should pack up everything and look train how to get to Arlanda airport.

Hmm.. Shit My train will leave 3am at morning. Good I really need to pack up everything and try to get early sleep. Why I think that last part I will fail so bad. Back to packing .. what I need to take with me? How cold there is? Google help me. What I want to see there? This is crazy!!! MY very first trip alone beside moving here to Sweden. Am I crazy ? .. Ok calm down.. why ? I’m just exited to go !! ok maybe bit scared too.. but just bit ! I’m going to Copenhagen tomorrow !! HOW COOOL! Ok now I will do that packing shit.

January 2018

1.1.2018 Hello from Copenhagen Airport! I don’t want to go back to home ! Can I stay? It’s have been amazing here. You know the feeling of freedom and excitement of chance to explore new things. This have been definitely mix of those two .. I mean this trip.

(30.12) I was traveling to here during the night and early morning. Hitting my Hotel bit after 8am. Hotel was ST Peter and it was beautiful and I had always nice service. I had “small bed” about 160-180cm wide and they said it will be smaller because I’m a lone. I was laughing about that. Good quality hotel and really good location. I was so tired when I get to my room that I really needed to sleep some hours before moving again anywhere. Day time I was going to shopping and seeing the city. Copenhagen is soooo beautiful. I love it! evening time I was going to eat in one Italian restaurant. I was founding it during my walk and looking after from internet what they have in menu and decided to try it. Good choice! I had some good pasta carbonara and garlic bread. For dessert I had some Ice cream whit expresso and amaretto. Service was really nice and they were friendly. After leaving they were asking me to come back next night for new years party’s and convince that it will be the best parties ever.

(31.12) Breakfast was so good. Everything what I needed were there and I was eating my self to be too full. Mission for the day were get to see little mermaid some other sightseeings but weather were quite bad so it was other shopping day. I like at Copenhagen that there is quite a lot some nice bakery’s around the city where it’s easy to shop something small to eat and take with. Bit like in Germany too. Last stop at my shopping and walking tour was some fish spa where small fishes are eating bad skin from the feet. That was funny and nice feeling. Nicely relaxing after walking around. Many places were going close around 15pm and after that it was mostly just restaurants open. That was maybe the most boring for me. I had not so much to do before evening when I was decided to go back to Italian restaurant. I was just lying on the bed and looking tv, take a bath and slowly prepared my self for evening.

I was going to eat between 8-9pm in that Italian restaurant where I was night before. Welcoming was warm. They remembered me from last evening and ” señorita” was heard quite many time during the evening. “Señorita we didn’t expect you to come back”, “señorita We are so happy that you came” , “Señorita we have today new years many …. I come to show that up for you shortly”, “Señorita is it tasting good for you ” , “Señorita is everything ok”, “Señorita do you need anything else”. Then It was that one question “Señorita do you want to be alone? We have there some friends and if you don’t like to be alone we can introduce you and you can join them” .. Ok How cool is that and What I had loosing? Nothing So I went there and meet some amazing nice people’s who with I spend the rest of the evening and night. It was like I was being with my friends. They were so nice. We watched fireworks and after that some peoples were planing to go dance some bar and invite me to go with them. After some while thinking I was decided to go with them. Best choice ! IT was so much fun to get dance with them and have nice time! Happy new Year and welcome 2018! Could’t hope so nice new year and it was just happening! Still feeling grateful.

Today before getting airport I was visiting finally at little mermaid statue and Nyhavn so maybe the most popular places at Copenhagen. weather was also bit better so it was ok to walk outside. After packing and leaving to airport. I was finding my way to metro and that was my last adventure at Copenhagen. Oh I hope I can visit here soon again! It was so much fun and city was so beautiful. I have some memories, souvenirs, clothes and one book to take back to home. Hopefully some new friends too!(at least it seems so).

2.1.2018 Back at home and I feel quite tired. Today I will just lay on my bed and be lazy. Think what was just happening in last month and during my holidays. Tomorrow will be my working day again and I need one day  just for being lazy before that. It’s have been crazy up’s and dow’s in my mind and in life too. Anyhow I’m happy end of the day. New year and new things. Time for take good things with me and let go of bad things. Now I just start to watch movie after movie so long that I can’t do that anymore.

5.1.2018 I’m sick.. me who is normally never sick is sick. Fever nooooo. I can’t do thins now. I have been promised to work district skating camp and I would love to go there and now I have fever. I’m lying on my bed and I don’t want to do thins anymore. I want to be ok again. Hopefully this fever is going away soon at least during the night that I can work tomorrow. Really nice start for year to be sick. Oh well all can’t be good always but being sick. Blaah.

7.1.2018 I was lucky I did survive from my fever and get to camp even my voice try to run away now. It was so much fun! To see some other coaches and of course some other skaters also! I liked ! I was hearing today too that I will work at Rimbo Skating camp at summer. So happy. Even that my health is not yet so good. I will get better in time!


13.1.2018 Linköping here I come. We have competition this weekend at Linköping. Let’s see what kind of city is that. Kinda exited to see new city here in Sweden and also some skater out of our district. Hope the best for my skater and we will do the best what we can.

17.1.2018 Ok I have been so tired after being sick all the time that this is not good. I want to get more power for days and to be also bit better condition again. I start 4 week challenge for my self. every day next 4 weeks it will be at least (minimum) 15 abs, 15 back muscles, 5 push ups and 10 squats. Those are minimums and up from those as much I like. At the end of the 4 weeks period I will count how much I was doing it. I can change to way to do it always and for example squats can be done two or one legs. Last day will be 13.2.2018. If I’m getting sick then mark up S= Sick. But I hope that I have done my sicknesses for this year. All other sports are allowed beside!! Let’s do this!


Year have started quite ok till now and live will always trow up’s and down’s so just try to do my best with everything in this year 2018. Let see where it will lead me and what this year will bring. I’m ready anyway after 2017 and surviving from that I’m stronger again and wiser. Thank you year 2017 and Bye Bye ! Welcome 2018!

Targets for 2018

  • Do my best always
  • Be nicer for myself and others
  • Enjoy small things
  • Learn everyday something
  • Find time for things what makes me happy more than last years
  • Travel when ever I can

With Love: Hennette

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