I’m proud to be Finnish people and that I can tell that I have that super power to speak also that language. I have listening about thousen times one of my favorite song from my child hood Lintu (Bird) in last two days. There is one part going so:

” Vaikka joskus vaeltaa mä voisin kauas merienkin taa. En osaa maata unhoittaa mä silti taho en milloinkaan. Minne vaiheissani joudunkin taas mieleni tänne palaa takaisin. Niin kuin muuttolinnun tie Ain elonpolku varmaan kotiin vie ja mielen lämmön suuren saa tää kaunis armas synnyinmaa. ”

“Even if I could travel over the seas some day. I don’t want ever forget my own homeland. Where ever I’m going to be in my life my mind will be getting back to here again. Like a moving bird will find back to home maybe life will lead me back and only warmly I can remember my beautiful and dear homeland. “

Now I’m living over the sea and other country. I’m perfectly happy about that but I can relate totally there to that part that I will always be from Finland and Finnish even I try my best to integrated to that country where I’m living. My heart will be always Blue and white. I just can hope that where ever I’m going to be I can represent Finland proudly and leave some good image of Finland to there and about Finnish peoples. According to many websites Finland is the best country to live in the world.

I didn’t leave from Finland because there was bad to be. No. I Had wonderful opportunity travel around Finland during the summer time. Many times I was looking that how beautiful country it is. I had possibility to meet so many friends and new peoples and see some cities. I had time to really look around because I haven’t had any hurry. Under some list of 20 first thing what get in my mind of my favorite things in Finland.

  1. Family and friends
  2. Lakes
  3. Nature
  4. Pure water from tab
  5. Summer cottage (time can stop for awhile)
  6. Limitless internet connection
  7. School system
  8. Honesty of peoples
  9. Summer nights when there is just light
  10. Kuopio (I’m from there .. my roots are there)
  11. Tampere (City where you need to visit at Finland)
  12. Helsinki ( Capitals city and still so beautiful)
  13. Lapland landscape
  14. Four season in year
  15. Iittala
  16. Marimekko
  17. Helsinki Airport
  18. Fatzer ( Chocolate, bread and so on factory)
  19. Santaclaus is living there
  20. Muumi / Moomin

This are really 20. first things .. there is much more things in Finland what could be listed.

Today I’m celebrating alone this occasion. Also I need to work like normally but that doesn’t mean that I have to forget to make some celebration. Morning I was opening up listening Finlandia hymn, our national anthem and Lintu (Bird). Continue wit all other Finnish music and I will continue till mid night. I did play it Finnish music also for my students. I was going to shop some blue and white shirts. I polish my nails to be blue. I bought champagne for evening that I can take it after work. I bought bite of cake. I bought also champagne glasses (Iittala -Finnish company). I have Fazer chocolate. Finnish flag at my window. Let see what else I have time to do or invite to do. I’m not maybe able to be to take apart some events in Finland but I do it my own whole day event.

Whole day I have feeling my emotion coming and going. Mostly because I’m so happy. Also thinking what my grand father and mom or grand grandpa and mom have going through. How many people have dying for that we can be independent makes me feel grateful. Thank you for all those peoples. Also have had so much fun to read meany story’s about Finland and history. From newspapers, blogs or friends posting picks, videos or just something.

If you are Finnish or living there have a good day and try to take apart some event you are lucky to have that chance.


If you are from anywhere else Finnish or just some one who love Finland.


with love : Hennette


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