One month.. One month already.  I’m starting to learn how thing are working here bit by bit. I’m learning skaters names.. not all of them yet but let say half of them for sure. I have get first bite how test system here is working and meet some other clubs coaches too. I have met one of my old coaches also. I have noticed that shopping at grocery shop is quite easy .. half of or more products are also in Finnish and some of them in first place in Finnish. I have laughed about that few times. I have get curtains for my second window and I have had possibility to visit at IKEA and by some thing for my home and other shops to full fill my sport clothes collection (” sponsored by Nike”) . I have also met some new people from work and outside of work. Also Twice I have managed to get my self out looking some pub’s or restaurants. I have found some nice sport places from outside so if weather is good It’s make much fun to do some sport too. (One time hurt my leg also .. so that there is quite big blue mark after one week.) City is quite beautiful with old buildings too. So.. so far everything is ok.

This week have been full of new situations again like whole month. It’s crazy how much there is coming something new all the time. Some how I like it and some how some things are still little bit scary things too. What is kinda good thing too. I have to push my self further all the time and always first time is the worst one.. so next time is all ready easier.

Like finding local tax office where I needed to go that I could applied Swedish ID number for my self. First with Google maps finding the place. Then askin help but some where there was coming misunderstanding and they send me to pay some bill. When I was coming back they realized that I don’t have yet Swedish ID number so we need to do that and try to get back my money from that bill. Ok everything is ok now and so on but it was kinda weird, scary but also learning day for me. Next time I know what to do and where to go already ! Now just waiting if they think that I’m good enough to get Swedish ID *Twink* .

Then I was meeting first time our club board. Most of them I have seen also at ice hall or somewhere else. So yes I was knowing them mostly by face or name. Imagine anyway situation that you are the new coach and you have had time to look things about 3 weeks and step there to meet group of people who still are strangers for you and talk about everything. How club is going on this moment? and what ideas you have too? and where or how the club is maybe going or wanted to develop?

Then I could say that I’m not the speaker in front of audience .. at least if I need to speaks something “reasonable”. I could easily speak in event something to get people to get watch anything or taking apart some event or host some show or go skating my self in front of 1000 head audience. But like at class room speaking to school mates have been always.. always terrible. I’m starting to shake and that I could get some voice out of my self I need to really work with my self.

Then I had meetings with skaters and their parent. I was terrified. I needed to do it anyway. I couldn’t run away so I prepared some list for my self where to start and what to speak. Trying to get my confidents and breath. In the end I think it was going quite ok and mostly peoples were happy to hear things from me and what I’m thinking about skating, club, training and so on. far everything is good again. But I was really tired when I was getting back to home…. anyway I did IT !

Last week I was going to first time coaching and looking how Swedish test system is working and how they look here everything. It was again new experience compared to Finnish system. ( All though I have said that here skaters get so much more easier with test than in Finland!! ) There is same steps and same spins and jumps too but it’s more simple here than in Finland. For example they don’t need to make double Axel (2A) or triple jumps at test at all.. In Finland some point you need to. Here last test’s are in this moment in double double jumps combinations (2J+2J). So for skaters it’s easier but I have kinda keen to Finnish system that skaters need to show them best and really learn things to get forward and next level at competing.

It’s all the time coming something new here and there and I bet that it will stay so still some while before things are starting to settled dow here. It could be taking more effort and time and power but I still liked. I like that I can use my English and try to learn some Swedish too bit by bit. I like that I have to push my self little bit all the time forward and over my comfortable zone. Every time I have done it it’s feels quite good and I can say that I was winner of my self. I have feeling that I’m growing all the time in many ways.

So one month have been full of experiences and winning my self. Also really fast month. Let see what next week and month is bringing and continue hard working hopefully mostly smiling face like last month.

PS. Under some pictures from places I have been here and seen. Shopping stuff and so on.


With love : Hennette


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