I’m here. I did this. Crazy, excited, unbelievable…… Some one was asking from me that was I scared to do this? Yes I was but it was not thing to hold me back. Could be that it was even more the thing to beat it and do it anyway.  Also I was more excited than anything else. I was preparing mentally my self to move abroad already about 2 years before really moving or even more. I have talked last 5-6 years at least that some day I will and looking my friend who have trying they wings abroad little bit jellos because I was too scared to do it my self at that point. Then I decided that I’m not going to be that scared person anymore. I will do it and find my way to leave! Guess what I did it !

About last two weeks have been absolutely crazy fast. Preparing moving to Sweden and actually do it too. Then everything and everyone is new and I realize that I really did this. I moved. I’m not anymore just talking that I will move abroad.. I actually did it. Some times it’s hard to belife and some how I have feeling that I have been here more than just little bit over one week. My mind can’t decide what it wants to think about it. Emotions are going around and I’m little bit like hit by train somehow but just positive way mostly. Some how I feel also stronger because I had courage to do it finally.

In week it’s have been little bit everything in it. Starting new job and meeting new skaters and they’re family’s. Get to know them all the time better. Trying to learn how buses and everything is working here to get work and around the city. Find nearest grocery shop and by first things that I could live here. Try to settle in to my new apartment what my clubb was arraigned for me with first furnitures (thank you so much for them). Get know new neighborhoods. New city and where to find what. Still there in the list are many things what I need to do or arrange before everything is done. But as I have said for my self so many times step by step everything. It’s just one week done here.

I have felt overwhelming happiness to be here and I have felt uncomfortable unsecurety. I have missed some people’s from Finland and some where else. I have been proud of my self to be here and what I’m doing but also thinking if it’s enough. I have thinking what kind of coach and person I would like to be and trying to work it out to be that and best thing is I still keep on doing it. I have made some mistakes in my past but I have done good things too and I try find the best way use everything now that I could be again best version of my self today and tomorrow and forward.

I have get miljon messages from my friends and family members during this time. I have feel their supporting me and sometimes I’m overwhelmed about it. Everyone have been intrested how I’m doing? How is my apartment? How is the city? How is the clubb? How is the skaters and their families? How is the weather? How I’m moving here around? And so on. I know everyone is caring and it’s nice to know that I’m their head from time to time. I love you all! Thank you so much to be my support and in my life even we have some Kilometers between us! ❤

Some answers for those questions in random order.. I was getting know day befor starting my journey and moving to Sweden that I have apartment and it’s small but nice. Quite new and I’m first who live here aftres renovation. Little bit cold before they (hopefully soon) start to heating up this apartments. Travel and moving here was going good even I had big bags (3) .. I was lucky to have some nice people’s helping me during the trip. Home there was helping my Parents and my good friend. At Turku my ex room mate from Vierumaki time and shes mom. One was some very nice older lady at Stockholm and at Uppsala some nice young lady’s and one nice guy. At Gävle my clubb members. So I did survive quite well after all. Weather have been mostly terrible. Most of the time just raining too much and been quite cold. Clubb have seemed to be nice until now and hopefully it will be in future too. Skaters and families have been nice and welcoming me nicely so everything is good in that case till now. I’m learning all the time more about this city and neighborhoods. Last Saturday I had off day so I was trying to get know again new places. So I’m doing quite well here despite that some flu was trying to hit me already. Now it’s little bit better already and hopefully it will stays like that.

So everything is new and exciting, sometimes scary too but I’m happy to be here. When time is going here more forward I will write for you again how it’s have been then. I hope that I have time to meet some new people’s in some point and get some friends. Maybe start some hobby for my self or anything else nice beside working. Only thing is time what will show what there is coming next.

PS. Thank you all you who have helped and supporting me during spring, summer and moving time !! You are awesome people! ❤ I couldn’t do this without you ! ❤ 

With Love: Hennette

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