Shut down your eyes, feel what you feel, see what you can see without seeing anything. Take a time to your self.  Recover if you need. Enjoy if you can. Do what you do and believe! There will be good days, there will be ok days and there will be bad days. Remember that bad days gets ok days look good, Ok days gets good days look better and when you have good day remember enjoy whole 100%. There will be again ok days and bad ones but without thous days good days weren’t so good! Live your life every day and remember that every feeling have meaning.



I was taking vacation from my “vacation”. I was traveling in Finland about 4 weeks and doing more things, seeing more peoples, going more every where and enjoying more than long time my life. Last week was 5 days at summer cottage and weekend again at Tampere. Specially that time at summer cottage was making difference to get reload my batteries and Tampere was time again realize some things from me and my way to live.

One day can make quite big difference to everything . Last week I was able to be alone at summer cottage. It was first day over two months that I was able to get that kind of day. Why it was so important ? Did I said that It’s so nice to spend time with peoples ? .. Yes I did.  But I honestly think that almost every one need sometimes me time. Just to be alone and hear what comes from inside.

What I do if I get chance to be alone ? ..

Sleep as much I feel I need .. It’s time for me to reload my sleeping storages. For some weird way I enjoy to sleep naked but if there is any one else than my special other half (if I have it in my life) normally I have anything on. So this is Speciality of alone days or living alone. ( Last time I had privilege to wake up that kind of landscape –> picture under. )


Eating good! I have time to make anything good and spend time at kitchen so I cook or bake or both and eat well. Too well but it’s way to take care of my self. Normal days I don’t like to cook so much specially if it’s just for me. So then I do anything fast and easy foods. Me days are good way to remember to do something good for my self too.


Take care of my beauty. So remove some hairs from body and face, Make some manicure for my fingers and toes, peel off masks for face, do anything nice for hairs, go sauna … so on so on.. what I feel that I need. Just that I can feel pretty my self.


Listening some music or singing. Music is one big part of my life. It’s have been and I guess that it will be .. Music could be what ever. I listening sometimes anything just random and some days more or less it’s need to be just some singer or style. I will choose it by my intuition and yes I like to sing with it ..quite a lot. Most times I sing when I’m alone but occasionally I could sing in front of or with other peoples.

Sport! Sport is what ever I like to do. It’s not that I planed to do anything and I have to. It’s what feels best in this moment. Last time at summer cottage it was dancing at saunas terrance with some German pop music. I had fun to dance from long time but even more fun to think ‘if someone see me.. could be looking funny’. Get remind me from childhood when I was making some shows for parents or any other peoples. But sport could be also jogging, running, gym, swimming, bouldering, slack lining or what ever come’s in my mind. It just need to make fun for me.

Reading. Reading some fictional book or something to get known anything new. So if I feel that I want more relaxing time I will take some fictional book that I could get out in some other world and use my imagination. If I feel that I like to improve my self some how I will take some other kinda book where to lear that topic what I like to get know better. Last times those learning books have been German languages or anything about coaching or figure skating. Fictional books have been any ‘nonsense’.

Movies or TV. I’m good to watch same movie trillion times if I like it so some times just pick something good for my mood. Something easy to watch because I just like to get easy. Some drama or triller if I want to get some emotions out. Some musicals or animation because it’s just makes fun. It could be also anything totally different. Watching alone movies makes fun some times just that you could pick up what ever suits for you the best in that moment. Luxury. Same is with TV .. I could do surfing if I like or watch anything  stupid if I feel so.

Me days is about listening my self what I need in that day and for next days. What I could enjoy the most. Put my energy there what I feel is most necessary. Reload batteries and get ready to do everything else again. img_9243

Me day is some times necessary but I still love to see peoples too. Some times I take my computer with me and try to find some nice coffee place or restaurant where to put my office. Just that I could see life around me and maybe eat anything good too meanwhile working out my stuff. Like today I’m one good place at Kuopio. Ramin Konditoria is nice looking place and here is good lunch, many cakes, different kind of coffee and tee, their made ice cream and some salty bakery too. So options where to choose. I could recommend this place.


Today is not me day but I have done nice things. I was getting new cut for my hairs, see two relatives one by accident (It was so nice to see them!) and now I have write some emails beside of this blog.  I have listened also some nice music and get some goosebumps, smiles and tears from happiness. Music could affect so much at least to me. Oh and I was getting some nice message from my ex skater and it was warming my heart so much! ❤ Let see what evening will bring for me.

In street there is walking so many different kind of peoples from different ages. While I have sit here peoples have come and go in groups and alone. Waiters have done their jobs. Place have been almost full and empty. In other building there is grocery shop and there have been different kind of peoples from child to young and till old ones. Someones are in hurry, someone are  relaxed, someone seems to be stressed, many peoples are walking with phones or with friends, Many different styles in clothes, weather have stayed almost same.. and many other things .. I just like that I have time to look around me.

For you all I wish good days and hopefully you all have good week ahead !

With all love: Hennette


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