One week and two days. That long I have been playing some kind of tourist of my life. Have to say that I have best friends ever ! Thank you Nenna, Eeva and Jan, Jane and many others to make this time to be so much fun.

Under some stories from my week. I have had fun and I hope you can enjoy my stories too.

Extempore to the Helsinki

I was leaving from Kuopio last week at Wednesday planing to come here to Lahti to see Nenna and yes I was made it here but also forward to Helsinki too. Nenna was calling to me during to buss drive..

N: Hey! How you are doing ? 

H: Hey ! I’m fine thanks

N: Are you how tired? could you have power to do anything?

H: Not really and I think anyway that I will sleep during this ride so probably I have energy for anything at evening.

N: Good there is some band at Helsinki tonight. Would you like to go see it with me ? 

H: hmm.. I’m “vacation” so so sure. Just what to do for all of my stuff ? 

N: We can leave it to the car ? 

H: I have my precious laptop and pad and all with me. Those I would like to get somewhere safe. Or maybe I can take with me. Any way we manage some how. 

N: Ok let see what we can do about it. I will buy us train tickets? 

H: Yes you can buy it! Cool . Let’s go to Helsinki! 

N: Really nice that we are going . See you soon ! 

H: See you ! 

(Maybe It’s little bit short version from that call but .. anyway)

Buss was little bit late so I decided to take all my important stuff with me to the backbag and change my shoes. For everything else I think there was nothing to do so I leaved on my casual traveling look and face almost natural ! Hey I’m taking chance and be spontaneous! And Smile is best outfit what you can wear anyway ? Right? 

 So we were get to the Helsinki after all. At train we were looking where we should go that we can be fast. Even that we were quite fast .. we were too slow! Place were full and we didn’t get in. After some while wondering around we find our selfs from Mummo tunneli (Grandmothers tunnel) and nice restaurant terrance/ alley between some buildings. There was some other restaurants also and it was really nice looking place ! 

Nenna was finding her friend band playing there and we decided to stay there some while. Planing to leave before midnight because 23.30pm was leaving last buss for that day. Yep right. We met some new people and start to talk with them and when clock was 23.30pm I was just watching clock and saying that ” bus was just leaving .. maybe we take next” . Next was leaving 1.30am. We had fun watching good looking guys, meeting new peoples and get some interesting but also fun conversations, dance and some cool drinks.  Fun girls night out ! 

Oh and yes we made it to the 1.30am leaving buss .. even we did think.. if we really want to go at that point to home ?!?  Just because we had too blast ! Extempore is the best way to have best evenings!

Oh my goddaughters 

I have in totally 3 real goddaughters + one “extra”. They all are so nice and fun to be with.  Love them all!

Jane is one of my best friends from secondary school and she is the mom of my goddaughters Netta and Eini. It was already almost one year from last time seeing them so it was really time to see them!

It’s dark and windy evening …. Ok it was one week ago Thursday evening when we send some messages and planing to meet. We decided that I will visit at Espoo where they live. Also calling at Friday that where to see and how to get there.

First I was traveling from Lahti to Helsinki and it was going well until there. Then after that it wasn’t going like a movies. I take buss from Helsinki to Espoo and find my self from Iso Omena shopping mall calling to Jane that where they are. Well they were at home cooking and waiting to get meal to be ready. So what happened between there? Why we  were different places ? well ..

Jane and I were really calling where to see and so on .. just both were understanding differently. Jane were thinking that I’m visiting their home and I was thinking that we will meet at shopping mall. Like a movie?! Then thinking what to do next. After all we decided to see at mall after their finished cooking and get to eat meal.

So I had some while time just wondering around of mall. I was lucky to find Top Sport store. I had present card there and I was waiting to get spend it some while already. So I was shopping some running shoes, new back bag and some other running stuff. It was taking time nicely and after that I had just time to go find anything to eat. Then they were coming already.

We were sitting there at coffee place some while and catching up latest news from live and I was hearing from their trip to Netherlands too. Girls were first quite quiet but after some while not really anymore. We did go shopping some clothes for girls. Netta start to be bigger girl and like to look clothes and touch and admire. I wouldn’t be so surprised if she says some day that she wants to be model. Eini is little bit more like boyish girl and not yet so interesting clothes than she’s sister is. Also maybe little bit more playful too. So Netta is watching clothes in her own and of course coming to show best peaces what she have found for me and Jane. Eini and I had some playful time .. anything like hide and seek but not at all. Also she was taking a mission to find some new clothes for me from children clothes department. You know that even than I’m not so tall just 161-162cm.. Those clothes are mostly too small. She was thinking that most of them are really fitting me. Any way I had fun to watch her to do that mission impossible.

Not taking long time and we were going to shop some snack to eat. It was little bit bigger market and there was shoes too. Jane was trying to find some shoes for her self. Netta was admiring some for her self too. Eini was finding some glitter shoes but there was not size for her. So after that She was want to find shoes for me .. and because I’m little bit picky what I like to get on my feet she was starting to sound desperate on this mission. Some point trying totally too big high heels shoes on her feet. Pretending that it’s easy to walk wit those. Netta was getting interested by Pokemon game at that point and trying to catch some new ones and showing proudly what she have get already.

It’s so much fun to watch girls doing this stuff and even more nicer it’s notice that even we see so rarely that I’m still important for them. They like to spend time with me and come to tell all kind of funny stuff. Oh and hugs those I did get so many in those few hours. Just so much fun. Hopefully next time to see them is just earlier that after one year.


Hey I bought bottle of wine! 

What to do when you are single and you are staying at your singel friend place .. and it’s Friday evening ? Bought one bottle of wine drink it slowly, put some music and start to go trough all small big crises like what to put on? what to do for hair? what kind of make up? What shoes? What hand bag? What else need to take whit? .. so on so on .. that normal woman crises when you like to get out partying or anyway showing nice and looking good for your self.

So I was coming back from Helsinki visit to Lahti. I did bought bottle of wine for us that we can drink it and maybe leave anywhere to take one or two drinks more. We did go trough all those crises or at least I did that night but I think it was worthy of it. I did looked good or feel pretty in my skin that night !

After all we managed to get out and in to the first bar. There was some Latin party’s where Nenna’s friend Ahto was doing some sound technician job. Because of Ahto we did get in free. That music was good even it was different what I was thinking at first place. It was more like jazz and latin rhythm mixture. So interesting and some weird way good. We were staying there some while but not really long time. Just because I was feeling to get dance and maybe Nenna was also little bit feeling the same.

So we change a place to Armas that have been our constant place here at Lahti. If we feel to get to dance. If we feel to get singing it’s normally Tenkku (Ten Dollars saloon) ..

But back at business .. We did get to the Armas and to the Dance floor. Our constant corner was still free so we did take that again and get cosy and start to dance. Some while we did dance just two of us and have fun little bit doing some goofy stuff too. Some point there was coming two nice young mens to dance with us Kaapo and Aaron. Kaapo was from Vantaa or Espoo and Aaron from Lahti. So two tourist and two locals.  There was some other guys also who were coming to talk with us but those two were staying longest and ask us to get play tennis next day. Some point their leave and we stayed and dance till end of the night. Ahto was coming after his works to the downstair of Armas so in some point we did go there. There was coming evenings last slow songs and we dance it with Nenna and some mens were watching us like never seen two women dancing together. So tongue under their belts.

Ok it was time to go home and so we did wit Nenna and Ahto. Continuing partying at Nenna’s place. Theme of those party was chaperon party .. rule was you have to be naked but if you like you can keep your under wear under chaperon. I don’t know where Nenna was getting that idea but yep we all were there chaperon on us. Talking bull shit, playing some games and drinking alcohol or non alcohol. I was first who was going to sleep about 6am and those two other was telling that it was anything 8am when they get sleep.

Saturday was long sleeping for some reason.. can’t know why ? Although I didn’t have any hangover and Nenna was saved from worst one too.( I have noticed that when I drink alcohol my average evening is 1-4 glasses wine or drinks and just really rarely its goes over that. ) So after waking up we set the date with Kaapo and Aaron to go bowling.. because Tennis was too hard for them. (Hangover)..  Before bowling we did go eating to the Amarillo. After that I was feeling that I could be that Bowling ball so eating just too much.

So we did get to bowling and it was quite fun ! Firs game I was last and second I was winning. Mean while game it was fun to talk with them. After bowling we decided to go terrance but after walking some while we find our self from Public corner playing some rappakalja, Jazzy and Alias (Board games). It was taking some hours to be there and playing games. After that we did go Tenkku to sing or it was meaning that I was singing and other watching. After that Boys were going to home and we going to our home. In totally that day was fun.

Again it was just one bottle of wine and from there a lot of fun! and also some nice new people.


My Tampere ❤

I have lived at Tampere two years in some point. In those years I was getting in love with it. It’s little bit bigger city but there is some kinda small city’s vibe. There is also two lakes so water near of it. Of course I still have some friends there too.

So it was Sunday and time to visit at Tampere. When I was still siting at buss and buss was  driving trough city to buss station I was feeling good. After getting out I was feeling to be home again !  Just getting to see those landscapes, (even there is quite a lot some construction areas around of the city), Tammerkoski (river trough the city) , nice buildings and parks.

First thing was visiting at Vapriikki it’s one museum complex and every time I visit at Tampere (so about one time in 1/2 year) I have to get there. Specially now there was opened Game museum, Birckala 1017, Rupriikki and in changing part there was some Chinese emperors life showing collection. All those were new ones for me!

Game museum was funny and for those who play more than me could be even more fun. There is quite many different games what you get to play your self too. Old and legendary ones but some more new ones too. For me best parts were some Super Mario, Hugo and one ski jumping game. Ski Jumping game were first game on computer I have ever played. Super Mario was anything also what have played when I have been small girl and Hugo was played by phone like originally at Finland. So legendary. There was also some board games in show but for playing too.

Rupriikki was showing some old technology of sound, picture and so on. My favorite part was get to try some telegraphy device. It was hard to get right!! But it was fun definitely. There was also some old phone, cameras, printing machine, radios, television or moving pictures. So I really liked to see it.

Birckala 1017 was telling about Tampere areas or Pirkkala areas history. There was many really old stuff from past life in Finland. So if you like any kind of history of that time I could recommend. It was nicely done too so even children’s could like it.

So I love to visit that place. Normally it’s take some hours from me to go trough it. If I like to go trough all old ones too it’s takes 3-4 hours normally this time I was more picky and it was taking about 2 hours. Have to say that every time until now there have been extremely nice staff also. So I will visit there for sure again.

After my Museum adventure it was time to take buss. Yep I have still my old buss card and I can use it so I can drive around with buss. This time buss was taking me to see one of my good student friend Sani and she’s boyfriend. We are too rarely now on in touch but it’s more than nice to noticed that even after that time it feels like we have met yesterday. So stories continue naturally. Just love that feeling with my friends.

Evening time it was time to get my sleeping place. Eeva was so nice that she was coming to pick me up. They had so cool new car (with she’s husband Jan). Ok have to say that they have had (at least as long as I have known them) always nice and cool car so it’s ok to say so. Anyway. It’s always so nice to visit them. I have always feel so warmly welcome there. Catching up how they are and how life have going in their life but in my life too is always so nice. We did also do some nice small walk around neighborhood with Eeva. They have also cool movie theater system at home so normally we watching some movies. This time it was casually from tv two movies in same time but It was making fun anyway.

Monday Morning Eeva was going to work after holidays. I was leaving to city same time and hanging around her working place some while before I was leaving to see my  other friends. On my way to see first Piitu and next to Pihla I was making stop to one Suomalainen kirjakauppa store (Book shop) and finding so many good english languages books. I was almost planing to buy too many books but after while get my sense back. Pittu is old friend from Kuopio and currently living at Kangasala near by Tampere. She is also soon getting new born baby boy. So exited for them. It was so close of time that could be any moment. It was really nice to see her and hear how she’s family is doing and she also too. After Piitu I was seeing Pihla and also she is pregnant too. It was some how funny incident that all two friends who I was meeting that day were both pregnant. It was really nice to see Pihla also after loooong long time. Hear how she is doing and some plans for future and also just walking around of Tampere. Just so cool to meet all my friends after long time.

At evening it was time to get back at Lahti. But when I was sitting at buss and thinking again wonderful moments what I was lucky to have with my friends. I feel blessed.

I could easily continue from this week my stories but maybe I tell those next time because my traveling tourist of my own life  will still continue some days. Some times I already thinking to get to Mökki for example but I still feel that here is so much more to do and I enjoy my life this moment. Of course I hope that some point my “vacation” ends but for some days I will still enjoy this.

Thank you so much Nenna to offering me to your home to be my base! I’m so grateful for you! And even more Thank you to be in my life! Not know what to do if I ever lose you ! ❤ My partner in crime, sister !

with love: Hennette


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