I sit here in front of my computer and listening German music. Maybe you think what a hell for. For some reason I have liked from my child hood how German language is sounding. One of my very favorite movies are Sissi Österreichische Kaiserin/ Austrian empress and there is Tv series from Germany, Switzerland or Austria like Police dog Rex and doctor Kleist family and many other police tv series. So I have hear this language from my child hood. (In Finland we use mostly subtitles not dubbing)

Ok why I listening now that music. Hmm I still like how it’s sounds but also in last two years I have trying to lear it by myself. Still I’m really bad and just knowing any beginnings but I want to learn it. My ex was from Germany and it maybe helped to start to lear it but when he is leaving behind I have realized that I don’t need to finish my learning because break up. It was interesting for me before he so it’s my thing not just his and I can do it still. He was not even helping me after al..l almost at all. So kinda learning situation is still same. So I just find new way to hear that language that I can learn it better !

I have been interested German history and some links what have between Finland and Germany. There is quit a lot of those things. In Germany is quite a lot of Finnish peoples also already and have been long time. I have liked to watch documents from Germany history and from Germany now days. Movies what is anyhow touching that areas have been interesting also. I can’t say why really because it could be also Italy or some other country. But still for me it’s have been Germany. Maybe I have been in any past lives German people. Who knows?

In two years I have been visited at Germany also quite many times and I have get some friends from there. I like that country. It’s beautiful and most of things what I like there are alps, forest, old city’s or castles,Oh bakery’s and fresh bread or Brezels. Restaurant and life around. Autobahn and driving fast. This are things what I miss from there too. Could be that some other things too and yes was there things what I didn’t like so much but if I can remember good things do I need to remember bad ones ?

Music have been one big par of my life always. I can’t say that I have learn much at school any English just it was not for me but I have listening music a lot in English and watching movies and so on. This days I read books also in English and keep in touch with some of my friends mostly in English. Now there is some Finnish fan and thinking that I will forgot my own language. No I have still many peoples who with I’m using only Finnish so don’t worry about it ! My point is that Music have helped me to lear English maybe it’s could help me to lear German language also. Even little bit. Anyway it will be one way to hear it. Helping maybe to pronouncing.

So yes. Even one big part (relationship) was leaving from my life I have realized that there is many things what I was liking without it and keep those part in my life as good as I have been capable. Just I have needed to find new ways witch have making it even more fun. Now I do it really just for me. without any thinking that it could be good in some point.. it’s just my new hobby. Of course I will visit at Germany any point again and never know what else can hapen in life so.. just let see ! Any language is just good to learn anyway so I keep on going.

It’s my life it is now or never and I do it what I feel to be best for me and what is interesting. I kinda have loved Germany long time. It’s have been in my interest from child hood so maybe I’m old enough to keep on going with it just on my own. Enjoy part what I can have it and improve my self same time.

BTW: If you have any good tips how to lear it more ? Or how you have learned ? It would be more than nice to hear some other experience! Or if you like to hear how I have trying to learn I’m more than happy to share experiences!

With Love: Hennette


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