Three adjective to describe my last week or little bit over one week 1. Mad 2. Fast 3. What a hell  (ok last was three word but didn’t find better word .. ) Some how I look back and it’s have been so active and so much full of everything. I have now little bit problem to start to tell anything about it and other hand I feel that I have so much to tell.

I have met punch of new peoples, have quality time with some old ones, do some job applications, learning languages and sport. Highly active week and looking now back there and thinking what a hell really. Thinking should I keep maybe diary to get out of all. But I will start from midsummer time and continue in next text other parts.

Nenna is one of my best friend from long time already. We were studying together and from first day we have been good friends. I was visiting at her place at midsummer time and as my other friend Nick was saying anything is possible if we are together. This time we were partying even that we were not thinking to do it. Our thing was going to just watch sun set and we were end up to dance floor to dance about 4 hours and after going to afterparty with four German guys.

Did we had fun yes we had! Mostly because we don’t care anymore how we look in dance floor and we just let it go. Many people could look that crazy people but many people were coming to say us that we were dancing good or looking good but no one came to too close or try to disturb us other ways. So we had our space just to have fun. Also those German guys were coming to say anything about our dancing when last ( slow ) song was playing and we were starting to speak with them and one thing get to another and after we find our self at their place 9am at morning doing some head standing or any other funny things..or just tying to lear some German language (for this I have you new story but that in some other point)…  Still did we had fun .. yes we had!

Next or the same day were then more tired one. Nick was also coming to Lahti and after visiting grocery he was telling us to go sleep. We were too tired so actually we did go sleep. Meanwhile Nick was cooking for us so we were waking up to eat (how sweet is that ?). At evening we were going to watch bonfire (that is tradition in Finland), take a part to whole Finland dance event and looking people to be really drunk (most of it ..of course not all like me .. the driver).

Later at evening we were again Nenna’s place playing games like : throw the pigs, poker with naked man cards (crazy but so much good laughs) and Uno. I had most of luck with all games.. all other wining than one Uno game.  After ones more going to city and some bar.. playing pool (not me but others) and I was only one who was singing karaoke. Some stupid jokes was flying whole evening and laughing was one best thing. Even that evening was ending to the Bar/club Armas front door. After I was listening Nenna and Nick conversation about doorman job and how bar/clubs should work. It was interesting. Hopefully Armas was getting nice feedback from both of them.

Saturday were adventure day at Lapakisto outdoor area. Some nice walking, climbing to the big rock (it was just me) and grilling some sausages. So basic outdoor experience with good company. Evening Nenna were leaving to see one man and Nick and I were staying Nenna’s place.

If i’m totally honest for you all. Nick is my friend but maybe we have had anything else also. That Saturday evening we were going trough some talk about what we are or what we are not. Still we are friends and everything is good. Even that he could like to get anything more (maybe any point). I have to say (like I have told him too)  that we are friends and that’s it. He seems to be ok with this situation and I’m too and have to say that he have been coming really important to me in last 2 months. Thank you to be my friend and support!

Sunday were just taking easy and writing my last post to here. When Nenna were coming back to home after she’s night adventure. We were making some “rääpiäiset” (use all old food from the weekend) and eating again just too much. Also talking some bull shit. Little bit more writing and eventually going to sleep. Nenna was doing some nice ear rings !! WOW!

Monday were again my traveling day back to Kuopio. First taking buss to the Helsinki and some new experience. I’m kinda embarrassed to tell this but yes. I was getting to Helsinki and put my stuff to some locker that I can take just what I need with me to city. Well I was paying to locker (electronic) and put my stuff there and getting some receipt witch I was deciding to put inside for some reason (can’t understand why) and can you guess where was the code to open that locker ? At that receipt. Yep! Very clever. Well next thing was calling to company how to get open it and finally getting some help. All over again just this time I was more wise and keep that receipt with me. I was laughing for this some while. It was so stupid but you can’t be always so smart ?

After that nice episode I was going to walk to the city and I was thinking to go harbor area when I was pumped up with those 4 German guys. Talking with them a while and they were asking me to go eat with them . So we were going to eat to the Burger King. It was nice to see them and just speak any bull shit and so on. They were leaving back to home also that day. So I was helping them to find  train to airport (daily god job). After I was walking to harbor area witch was my mind before seeing those guys. I’t was nice! I like Helsinki and that life around .. peoples here and there and many kind of peoples.

My buss was leaving and I was siting in it over 5 hours. So long way back but it was ok. I’m lucky to be small enough that I can sleep on two seats and just take relax. Thinking mostly what was happening in long weekend and also not thinking at all .. not anything. But mostly thinking everything else too.

So I had blast and I was lucky to see Nenna and Nick. Also to spend some time with them and get some new friends. It was making fun a lot of fun. ‘Life is some times upside down but good friends can make it right again and if not they come to stand by you upside dow that you are not feeling lonely.’ Thank you for all of you !

With love: Hennette

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