Today I will , I’m .. 

“Today I’m puting on something nice and anything what feels good. Not because anyone else but just for me. I want to feel beautiful and get smile on my face ! I want to be happy just in this moment. I’m learning.. today I try to learn to live in moment. I willl take a bus and go market place witch is nice here in Kuopio. I will find some coffee place or restaurant where to go and eat something tasty or good. Today will be my day and I’m doing my best to get it to be mine!”

I found nice restaurants named Hurma. Really nice atmosphere, clean and good service and I really can say that it was good service. Not only for me but also for some other people’s. It was nice to look from outside that waitress had time to talk little while and give some advice for customers and ask if everything is good. I was staying there about two hours and looking how staff work there and I did like what I was seeing. I can recommend from my experience. I could think to go there again definitely! Oh and food was good too! I had some eggplant, romesco, humus, quinoa and tomato dish. Also dessert witch was bahn flan, rose and berries. Like it ! I did spoil my self little bit with good food.

I did get company from my one very best friend and we did get some nice conversations of life and kinda everything. I’m so happy for her that she have found some voluntary  place where she really likes to work. I can see every time that she really like to be there when she is telling about it. Also if I understand right they like to have her there too so kinda win win situation? Right! It’s kinda really important to have anything in life what you like to do and what makes you happy. What ever it is but I think it’s really important. It gives a feeling to be alive and meaning for life. I hope that every one could find that kinda place included me.

What comes to me I had some rough day yesterday so today I have really enjoyed to see my friends and talking on phone or sending messages. I have one thought in my mind and it’s that I’m so lucky to have this people in my life. They have listened me so many times past 3-4 months ( and even before too) and helped me as well. I can only hope that if they need me some day I can be so good for them too. Thank you everyone of you.. you maybe know who you are.

I miss some places and some people’s quiet a lot but I hope that in time I have again chance to see those or them. If you don’t know who you are I will tell for you in some point for sure. This is one thing what I have thinking quite much in some point.. how important is to say that you like some one, you appreciate people around you, how important some one could be or even more if you can say that you love some one. Thank you is also too under appreciated word. I try my best to tell this things for everyone around me .. but have to say that sometimes I forget it also. But I try !

So I have written quite long already… but still weekend is coming and in Finland we have  this celebrate named midsummer. I have small idea what to do but same time no clue. Hopefully I’m lucky enough to get some nice company from some of my friends. Maybe next time I have new stories from my midsummer time.

Until there .. With Love: Hennette

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