Hello from here 

Two and half week from that changing moment that really everything was changing.. moving here where my story have been started over thirty years ago. About four years I have been away more and more all the time and now suddenly I’m back at here again. My home town witch is not feeling home anymore. I feel that piece of my heart will always stays in this city but other parts wants to get abroad for some reason. I’m hungry about adventure and hurgry to develop my self to be best of me what ever I’m doing.

Why abroad? I can’t really explain that but from childhood I remember that I have been skating outside and dreaming about to skate in some ice shows and travel around a world. (Ok that is not my dream anymore but still I dream to be abroad, travel and get to on ice and work with skating.)  That dream to get abroad have just grow every year inside me and I think I have needed those years to grow up and be ready to take a chance.

I’m coach so my dream is to learn more and get to be best coach what I can be. I hope that I can get more different kinda experiences to learn more and same time that I could offer my experience for some other party. I have had luck until now to get different kinda experiences in my home country. Nice, experienced, good coaches to work with and small, medium and big clubs to work. I have had jobs where I haven’t had responsibilities so much but I have had jobs where I have had full responsibility to mostly everything what can be for coach.. and everything between there. I’m lucky that I have had all of this experience and that is one thing why I feel my self to be more ready to get abroad than never before.
Also I’m free to go where ever I want without asking from anyone that if it’s ok. Still sometimes it’s weird and hurts but day by day things get easier. Still I can’t understand everything but I’m working with my thoughts that I haven’t need to understand everything always. Sometimes things could just be too. Still working on it !! I hope that some day there is someone who with I’m ready to take a chance again. Until there I try to struggle trough every thinking and feeling to heal my self to be ready for next one and be grateful what I was getting from my ex.

So I’m still trying to find my place and way to go further in my life. I will concentrate my energy to get to better in my life and professionally. Try to find new job and take a chances when I get some. Even some days could be harder ..there have to be good ones also ! I try to trust that life will lead and carry me still. Meanwhile work for it !

With Love : Hennette


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